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Flight Welding

Laser flight welding integrates remote welding, galvanometer, and manipulator advantages with expert graphics processing software to realize instantaneous multi-track welding in a three-dimensional area.

It is generally used in the car body, seat, and common auto parts.

In terms of products, it can be used in all types of steel plates, cold-rolled plates, aluminum alloy, and other typical products.

It can likewise be utilized in composite materials, alloy products, such as magnesium-aluminum alloy, etc.

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Fig. 1 Flight Welding Procedure

Flight Welding Speculative Equipment

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Fig. 2 Seat Flight Welding


  • Numerous kinds of the weld;
  • Different weld directions;
  • User-defined weld/point circulation;
  • Optimization of tension circulation;
  • High speed area welding, joint welding, lap welding, butt welding, fillet welding, and lap welding;
  • The welding joint and robot are integrated in genuine time to speed up the
  • laser welding procedure;
  • Less floor space;
  • Less upkeep and logistics costs.

Spiral Welding

A laser welding technique of double wedge laser swing is recognized by configuring a unique wobble module on the welding joint.

When the welding joint relocates, the focus spot will produce the spiral weld.

It is generally used in hinge welding, heat exchanger, tube heat oil, gas and exchanger thick pipe welding, flange welding, aluminum alloy welding, etc.

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Fig. 3 Spiral Welding Track Chart


  • Bonded widening;
  • High processing repeatability/process stability;
  • Much better weld formability;
  • The post-processing is simpler, and the surface area of the bonded workpiece is smoother;
  • Exceptional aluminum alloy welding capability.

Laser Brazing

Laser brazing is to heat the filler metal to a temperature higher than the melting point of the filler metal and lower than the melting temperature level of the base metal.

It utilizes liquid solder to wet the base metal, fill the joint space and diffuse with the base metal to link the weldment.

It is mainly utilized in welding the aluminum body frame structure, such as connecting the leading cover and case wall, door, and other items.

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Brazing Principle
DM 20210923102103 005
Brazing Metallographic Diagram


  • Lower the flaws of pure laser welding, such as pores, cracks and too big product fit space;
  • Improve the weld strength and get an ideal weld bead;
  • Brazing is that the base metal does not melt, just the solder melts;
  • It is suitable for welding precise, intricate components with different materials;
  • Little heat impacted area and high compressive strength.

Laser Wire Filling Welding

Laser filler metal welding is a sort of welding method which utilizes filler metal of the same or comparable material as base metal to melt base metal and solder and condense to form the weld.

It is primarily utilized in entire body structural parts and auto parts products.

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Fig. 4 Welding of Automobile Fork
DM 20210923102103 007
Fig. 5 Welding Metallographic Diagram


  • Decrease the problems of pure laser welding, such as pores and cracks;
  • Increase the distinction rate of welding items and enable a somewhat larger gap of welding products;
  • The welding base metal is melted, and the welding strength is more powerful than the base metal.

Swing Brazing

Through ALO3, the functions of beamforming and seam tracking are integrated into the same devices.

Filler wire can be used as a mechanical sensor.

It is primarily used in laser welding the body in white, including laser brazing of roofing cover, trunk cover, and vehicle parts.

The variation of parts and the mistake of components typically increase the difficulty of laser brazing, which results in the irregular problem of the laser welding debugging procedure.

Swing soldering can effectively adjust its welding direction, joint tracking, and focal length automated settlement function.

This can make the laser beam easy to guide and focus on, understand the change of all directions, high degree of automation, quick welding speed, and have high performance to preserve the welding quality.

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DM 20210923102103 009
Fig. 6 Automotive Tail Door Brazing
DM 20210923102103 010
Sample Brazing


  • Bonded tracking, real-time judgment of workpiece bonded trajectory;
  • According to the different discrepancy of the different workpieces, XYZ three-way adaptive adjustment of welding trajectory can obtain excellent welding quality;
  • Enhance the consistency rate of item welding.

Three Spot Brazing

A double spot module is included in the lens.

One beam is dispersed into three beams throughout welding by the 3 area module in brazing optics, which supplies a solution for brazing hot-dip galvanized steel plate.

The welding seam is smoother and does not split.

It is mainly used in aluminum alloy brazing of body in white, laser brazing of roof cover and trunk cover, and vehicle parts brazing.

DM 20210923102103 011
Principle of Three Spot Brazing.


  • More trustworthy and stable brazing process;
  • Faster speed;
  • Higher-strength;
  • Greater look and surface area quality of hot dip galvanized sheet welding;
  • Online cleansing procedure;
  • Dynamic energy adjustment.

Multi Wavelength Hybrid Welding

United-Win Laser initially developed Multi-wavelength hybrid welding.

It makes the axes of two various wavelengths overlap in the area by superposing 2 different laser wavelengths.

The primary band laser primarily performs welding, and the sub-band laser preheats the welding wire and base metal to minimize the cooling rate of molten metal in the welding pool.

It is particularly appropriate for aluminum alloy, magnesium alloys, copper alloys, and so on.

DM 20210923102103 012
Hybrid Welding Beam


  • Lower the material of pores;
  • Boost the stability of the weld bead and increase welding effectiveness;
  • Effective thermal stress relief can minimize cracks, enhance weld strength, and obtain weld beads with a uniform appearance.


As laser technology matures, laser welding will play an even greater role in industrial manufacturing.

If you need to welding and think laser welding is a good fit for you, contact our experts to discuss your requirements.

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