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Welcome to the Laser Creative World of Funny Laser!

Here, we are not only experts in manufacturing laser welding and laser cleaning equipment but also leaders in laser innovation.

Funny Laser is an ideal created by Chutian Laser, and our vision is to bring you more convenience and creativity through laser technology.

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Why We Created Funny Laser

The original intent behind establishing Funny Laser was to bring laser technology into more people’s lives through videos and social media, enabling everyone to deeply understand the innovative revolution that laser technology can bring. 

We believe that through entertaining and enlightening content, everyone can appreciate the infinite possibilities that laser embodies, as well as the profound changes it can bring to our daily lives. With Funny Laser, our pursuit goes beyond showcasing the exceptional applications of lasers; it is about arousing people’s keen interest in this technology, hoping that the future of lasers will bring us even more positive transformations.

Through TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest, our laser videos have reached a global audience, showcasing cutting-edge laser welding and cleaning technologies.

Exclusive Journey with Funny Laser

Explore our TikTok, Instagram  and Pinterest accounts to enjoy stunning displays of laser welding and cleaning processes.

Gain inspiration from the world of lasers to elevate your industrial design and production capabilities.

Dive into Funny Laser’s exclusive page to gain in-depth knowledge about our products and services, finding the best solutions for your industrial needs.


Funny Laser Products

Funny Laser is a supplier of industrial laser solutions, with two devices suitable for general purposes, namely, the handheld laser welding machine and the handheld laser cleaning machine. The videos we showcase predominantly feature the usage of these two devices.


Handheld laser welding machine can achieve flexible and convenient welding at any angle. It is equipped with a swinging handheld laser head, which is light in weight and flexible enough to weld any part of the workpiece and is not easily fatigued for long-term work.


Our laser cleaning machines employ advanced laser technology, capable of rapidly and thoroughly removing rust and coating from surfaces without the use of chemical cleaning agents. Handheld laser cleaning machine is a portable, flexible tool designed for various surface cleaning and coating removal tasks. It is a cost-effective entry-level product.

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