ZG-GXRobot Laser Welding Machine

Intelligent operation, flexible and reliable, six-axis linkage, can weld in any space, not limited to flat welding. It can effectively improve the working conditions of workers, reduce the requirement of workers’ operation skills and improve production and factory efficiency. It is suitable for auto sheet metal, bathroom hardware, industrial machinery pump body parts, auto fender, yacht metal backplate welding, etc.

Robot Laser Welding Machine


High-precision Robot System

High degree of flexibility and precision, imported high-performance fiber laser generator, time-sharing light, can satisfy the numerous demands of welding and cladding, quenching.

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Oscillating Welding Head

Multi-graphic spot selection, wide range of adaptation, welding to first-class welding seam standards

Laser Welding Machine

Chutian Customized Service

Robot processing range: 0-8000mm
Robot brand is optional, as is power, which ranges from 4kw to 30kw.


Multiple Application Modes

For thick plates of stainless steel, high-strength steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, and other materials to be welded and clad.


Laser Power

The ZG-RW robot laser welding system is available with 1000W /1500W/2000W /3000W of output power.   

Robot optional

ABB / FANUC / Yaskawa / Kuka

Application industry:

Sheet metal industry, construction machinery, aerospace, automotive industry, auto parts, new energy vehicles

Protective Cover

Installed on the machine basement to protect the human body from laser emission and dust accumulation. This guarantees consistent high-quality results and operators’ safety.

For our complete list of features and options, contact a Chutian Laser expert.


The ZG-RW robot laser welding system, using six-axis linkage 3D, multi-station collaborative work, ZG Laser can provide customers with comprehensive industrial laser welding solutions, and has a complete after-sales service system.

Feature/Model ZG-RW1000 /1500 / 2000/3000
Laser Power 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W
Power Stability ±2%
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Laser Mode Continuous & Pulsed
Fiber length 5-10m
Pulse Frequency 1~2500Hz
Welding thickness 0.5-3mm
Power Consumption ≤7KW / ≤9KW /≤11KW
Power Supply AC220V±10%50/60Hz single phase
Locating System red laser assistance
Flexible Worktable support co-work with robot arm
Cooling Method Independent Water Cooling
Welding requirements ≤0.4mm
Welding speed 0-120mm/s


ZG Laser has 35 years of professional experience in the field of laser welding applications, specializing in manufacturing laser welding equipment, and providing customers around the world with complete industrial laser welding solutions, high-speed, high-efficiency, and high-quality.

Hand-held laser welding machine

ZG-HW handheld laser welding machine series have the advantages of simple operation, beautiful welding seam, fast welding speed and no consumables.

Robot laser welding machine

The ZG-RW robot laser welding machine adopts a high-precision welding robot, which can realize the welding of multiple varieties and large quantities of products. Man-machine operation is convenient, automatic loading and unloading, ZGlaser’s laser welding professional is equipped with professional customized solutions for customers.

Automatic laser welding machine

The ZG-JW automatic laser welding machine series have high welding accuracy. The CNC positioning modules are placed on both sides, and the welding head has an automatic rotation function. Professional welding fixtures can be customized according to customer requirements to realize automatic welding.

Galvo laser welding machine

ZG-1GY-500/700B glove box laser welding machine is composed of laser, glove box, laser power supply, optical system, CNC control system, refrigeration system and other components. It is mainly suitable for precision welding of special materials that require welding environment.



More Products

ZG SW galvo laser welder

ZG-SW Galvo Laser Welder

The professional software of powerful graphic processing function realizes the instantaneous multi-point welding controlled by the program, which effectively improves production efficiency and flexibility.


ZG-QCW Handheld Laser Welding Machine

It is equipped with a swinging handheld laser head, which is light in weight and flexible enough to weld any part of the workpiece and is not easily fatigued for long-term work.

ZG 1GX 500

ZG-1GX Glove Box Laser Welding Machine

It can coordinate the complex path of motion/laser welding firing with up to 5 axes of linear and rotary motion, and the system ensures reliable weld joint overlap resulting in excellent sealing.

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