ZG-HCM-100BBackpack Laser Cleaning Machine

The ZG-HC100B Backpack Laser Cleaner uses the latest generation of powerful pulsed lasers. No chemicals, no media, no dust, and no need for acid or dry ice cleaning.
Allows for autofocus precise surface cleaning, as well as controlled depth cleaning. Removes resin, stains, debris, rust, coatings and paint from virtually any surface.
Cleans smoothly, quickly and discreetly with no damage to the base metal or original surface.
The comfortable back frame and lightweight construction allow longer working time. The mobile laser system is fully operational, even without on-site power, thanks to battery operation.



Handheld Laser Cleaning Gun

A lightweight, habit-compliant laser cleaning gun allows you to use it for long periods. The red light aiming system allows you to perform accurate laser cleaning

Intelligent Control Panel

Full touch screen operation interface, adjustable multiple cleaning modes, easy and convenient to operate, saving your debugging time.

Air Cooling Design

Both sides are covered with air cooling system to cool down the laser during the working process, making it work continuously.

Fiber Laser Generator

Laser cleaning made easy with 100W MOPA pulsed laser, light weight and excellent performance


  • Optional lithium battery: allows it to work anywhere.
  • Red dot indicator: allows easy and precise focus.
  • Portable design: ergonomic design allows you to carry it without damaging your shoulder
  • Lightweight: 12.5kg weight makes it easy to carry it on your back for work

For our complete list of features and options, contact a Chutian Laser expert.


Model ZG-HC100B
Laser Power 100W
Laser Source Fiber Laser
Laser Type Pulsed Laser
Laser Frequency 1-3000kHz
Fiber Cable Length 3m (customizable)
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Scan Speed 30000mm/s
Scan Mode 7 patterns
Scan Width 120mm
Dimension 336mm×129mm×400/500mm
Focusing Method Red Light Pointer
Weight 12.5KG
Laser Cleaning Gun Weight ≤1.2KG
Operation Handheld/Station Based
Power Supply Lithium Battery(optional) AC 110v - 240v / 380v 50Hz/60Hz


• Rust removal
• Mold cleaning
• Paint stripping
• Baking plate cleaning
• Heat seal die cleaning
• Art or antique restoration
• and many more




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