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tyre mold laser clean solution 2

Laser Tyre Mold Cleaning

Introduction to Laser Clean Tyre Mold Tire molds play a crucial role in the production of high-quality tires. However, over time, these molds accumulate residue and other contaminants that can …

Weld Cleaning

Laser Cleaning for Laser Welding and Bonding Processes

The increased metal bonding technology has increased the demand for efficient cleaning solutions. From preparing parts and equipment for bonding to removing contaminants afterward, laser cleaning offers an environmentally friendly …

laser coating removal

How laser cleaning technology removes coating

Traditional coating removal techniques, such as sandblasting, can be tedious and harmful to the materials involved. Laser cleaning, however, can safely remove coatings without causing damage to the substrate. In …

laser welding gas

Shield Gas in Laser Welding

Laser Welding Gas In laser welding, shielding gas is utilized to enhance the welding process and prevent deposits on the laser tool. Depending on the application, it can be divided …

auxiliary gases

How to choose the auxiliary gas for laser cutting

In the metal processing industry, the laser cutting machine has been sought after and welcomed by users as a leader in the processing industry. To process the workpiece well, the …

coating laser removal

Laser Cleaning: Pulsed MOPA VS. CW

Laser cleaning – using a focused laser beam to quickly vaporize or strip contaminants from the surface of a material. Compared to various traditional physical or chemical cleaning methods, laser …


5 Steps of Laser cleaning

Laser cleaning is an eco-friendly process for removing rust, paint, oxides and other contaminants from metal surfaces. Due to its high efficiency, it is being used in many applications. Laser …

metal laser cutting material

What Is Laser Cutting? – Working, Types And Application

Laser cutting is a non-traditional processing method that uses an intensely focused stream of coherent light called a laser to cut material. It is a subtractive process in which the …

laser tube cutting

Classification and advantages of laser tube cutting machine

Introduction Various industries have widely used laser technology with the rapid development of laser technology. Laser cutting technology has also evolved from the original flatbed cutting to today’s tube cutting. …