ZG-HCMHandheld Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

The ZG-HCM handheld laser cleaner has a MOPA cleaning pulse fiber laser as the cleaning light source.

The laser head adopts an innovative red light-assisted focusing design to find the focus position, which solves the problem of inaccurate focus and the single adjustment method of existing products on the market.

It has the advantages of manually adjustable focus, suitable for surface cleaning, and good surface cleanliness.



Handheld Laser Cleaning Gun

Designed with a handheld laser cleaning gun that can flexibly handle various objects and angles. Easy to operate and easy to move.
The handheld laser cleaning gun increases the length of the light outlet to make it difficult for dust to enter and protect the lens.
The connection cable between the laser cleaning gun and the machine is 5M long, and the length can be customized.

Intelligent Control Panel

Intelligent Control Panel

Full touch screen operation interface, large range of built-in parameter adjustment, one key start, convenient and quick, working status is clear at a glance. The touch screen control panel makes it easy to set the laser cleaning parameters.
Various laser cleaning parameters and processes can be saved in the process library with high quality cleaning results.

Built-in Water / Air Chiller Design

It can effectively provide cooling for the laser cleaning machine. Industrial chiller can also adjust the temperature control range according to the demand, generally can be set between 5-35 ℃, but the temperature is set between 20-30 ℃, the cooling effect is better.

Fiber Laser Generator

The JPT, Raycus, and MAX lasers are optional and feature higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, lower error rate, low power consumption, and maintenance-free and compact construction. Low error rate, low power consumption, maintenance-free and compact. It can maintain a stable peak power output and adapt to a wider range of cleaning scenarios.
The power range of pulse laser cleaner is 100W-500W, and different power can meet more cleaning requirements.

Other Features

  • Universal wheels: are easy to move and install. (Wheels can be locked to prevent sliding during operation).
  • Red dot pointer: can be easily and precisely focused.
  • Automation Interface: Easy coupling with robot arm for automatic work.


  • Non-contact cleaning without damaging substrate.
  • High precision cleaning, selective washing.
  • Without any chemical cleaning fluid and no consumed materials, safe and environmental protection.
  • Good cleaning effect and time-saving.
  • The laser cleaning system is stable, with almost no maintenance.

For our complete list of features and options, contact a Chutian Laser expert.


Model ZG-HCM300 ZG-HCM500
Laser Power 300Watt 500Watt
Laser Source Raycus / JPT / IPG Fiber Laser
Laser Type Pulsed Fiber Laser
Laser Frequency 1-3000kHz
Fiber Cable Length 5m (customizable) 5-10m (customizable)
Cooling Method Air Cooling Built-in Water Cooling
Scan Speed 30000mm/s
Scan Mode 7 patterns
Scan Width 300mm
Dimension 690mm×610mm×780mm 1055mm*620mm*1090mm
Focusing Method Red Light Pointer
Weight 150KG 240KG
Laser Cleaning Gun Weight ≤1.2KG
Operation Handheld/Station Based
Power Supply AC 110v - 240v 50Hz/60Hz
Work Temperature 0~40℃


  • Laser Paint Removal: A portable laser cleaning system can be applied to surface paint removal in aircraft and high-speed rail maintenance, as well as some precise paint removal. During the application, attention should be paid to the laser’s damage to the substrate’s surface and the selection of a suitable optical path and external optical path structure. In applying surface paint removal from aviation aluminum alloys, it is also necessary to prevent damage to the anodic oxide film on the aluminum alloy surface and to ensure the protection of the aluminum alloy surface film while removing paint by laser.
  • Laser rust removal: Large quantities of steel are used to manufacture many large steel structures, equipment, and infrastructure. Due to contact with a moist environment, perspiration, or other corrosive factors, rust is quickly produced on the steel surface during transportation and storage. Using laser cleaning technology to remove rust is a good choice for localized rusting.
  • Mold cleaning: A portable mold laser cleaning machine can replace the traditional manual grinding, dry ice cleaning, sandblasting cleaning, and other ways to composite molds, tire molds, and other rubber molds for regular cleaning, as a way to improve efficiency or reduce costs. Portable laser cleaning is ten times less expensive than dry ice cleaning for cleaning tire mold.
  • Portable laser cleaners can be used for various operations, such as coating removal, oil cleaning, and welding pretreatment, in addition to the ones mentioned above.




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