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ZG-SWgalvo laser welder

ZG-SW Galvo Laser Welding Machine uses a scanning oscilloscope to achieve a dynamic welding process. It uses the movement of the scanning lens instead of the movement of the workpiece or the movement of the welding mirror set to enable the laser beam to switch quickly between the welding joints. The greater the distance between the joints and the greater the number of joints on the workpiece, the more obvious the advantage. Due to the great reduction in empty travel positioning time, the production efficiency is 4-10 times faster than the ordinary XY plane table laser spot welding.

Fiber Laser Welding Machine


Chutian laser welding head

The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed, the adjustment is accurate and convenient, and the welding effect is good. It is equipped with CCD & vision system to monitor the welding effect in real time.


Chutian Laser Chassis

Internal wiring layout is reasonable, orderly and clean.The wiring method is messy, irregular, and unscientific


Chutian laser welding sample

Chutian laser Welding spot welding bead is white and bright,the other smple is Blackening of the weld bead

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Super Stable Operation

Materials that can be welded are extensive: cold work alloy steel, hot work alloy steel, nickel tool steel, steel alloy, high
tenacity aluminum alloy, etc. Other metals like gold, silver, brass, aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium, and platinum are also applicable.


  • Fast welding speed, more than 8 times the speed compared to traditional welding methods.
  • It is more advantageous for precision devices with complex graphics and many welding joints.
  • It can be equipped with fiber transmission YAG laser and QCW fiber laser, which can realize one tow two, one tow three working mode.
  • Adopting industrial PC control can be perfectly integrated with production lines and automatic lines.

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Laser Power 300W~3000W
Wavelength 1064 nm
Pulse Frequency ≤50Hz
Pulse Width ≤20ms
Welding Speed ≤15 spot/s
Spot Size 0.1-2mm
Max. Scanning Speed ≤7000mm/s
Resolution 0.005mm
Repetition Accuracy 0.003mm
Cooling Water Cooling
Machine Size 800mm(W)*830mm(D)*1430mm(H)
Laser Type Fiber & Nd: YAG
Approvals CE,FDA

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More Products


ZG-QCW Handheld Laser Welding Machine

It is equipped with a swinging handheld laser head, which is light in weight and flexible enough to weld any part of the workpiece and is not easily fatigued for long-term work.


ZG-GX Robot Laser Welding Machine

It can effectively improve the working conditions of workers, reduce the requirement of workers’ operation skills and improve production and factory efficiency.

ZG 1GX 500

ZG-1GX Glove Box Laser Welding Machine

It can coordinate the complex path of motion/laser welding firing with up to 5 axes of linear and rotary motion, and the system ensures reliable weld joint overlap resulting in excellent sealing.

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