ZG-HCHandheld Laser Cleaning Machine

The ZG-HC Portable Fiber Laser Cleaner is a high-powered handheld fiber laser cleaner. This high-performance, industrial-grade laser cleaning equipment is a super-compact, professional-grade laser cleaning and surface preparation system for medium-sized areas requiring good cleaning, paint removal, and other surface preparation operations. It can be used in conjunction with industrial robots.



Handheld Laser Cleaning Gun

The handheld laser cleaning gun has a suitable weight for prolonged handheld use. Comes with a software panel for quick adjustment of parameters. With the fixture interface can be used in combination with the robot arm to achieve automatic cleaning.

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Intelligent Control Panel

Full touch screen operation interface, large range of built-in parameter adjustment, one key start, convenient and quick, working status is clear at a glance.

Built-in Water Chiller Design

It can avoid the shackles of wires to fit more sites and has good dustproof and anti-condensation effects.

Fiber Laser Generator

The JPT, Raycus, and MAX lasers are optional and feature higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, low mistake rate, low power consumption, no maintenance, and small size.

Other Features

  • Fiber optic cable: 5-10m branded fiber optic (customizable) allows for long distance cleaning.
  • Universal wheels: are easy to move and install. (Wheels can be locked to prevent sliding during operation).
  • Red dot pointer: can be easily and precisely focused.
  • Automation Interface: Easy coupling with robot arm for automatic work.


  • Fiber laser cleaner specializes in metal rust, dust, paint, coatings, and other high-powered work, so there is no need to consume.
  • No chemicals and cleaning liquids are used; the waste is a solid powder, small volume, easy to store, and recyclable.
  • The laser is transmitted via fiber optics, facilitating long-distance operation and allowing cleaning of parts that conventional methods cannot reach. This can be used in certain hazardous areas to ensure personnel safety.
  • Laser cleaning removes a wide range of contaminants from various material surfaces, resulting in a level of cleanliness that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning. It can also selectively clean material surfaces without damaging them.

For our complete list of features and options, contact a Chutian Laser expert.


Model ZG-HC1000 ZG-HC1500 ZG-HC2000
Laser Power 1000Watt 1500Watt 2000Watt
Laser Source Raycus / JPT / IPG Fiber Laser
Laser Type Continuous Wave Laser
Laser Frequency 20-200kHz
Fiber Cable Length 5-10m (customizable)
Cooling Method Built-in Water Cooling
Scan Speed 30000mm/s
Scan Mode 7 patterns
Scan Width 300mm
Dimension 884mm×525mm×693mm 1106mm*644mm*1165mm
Focusing Method Red Light Pointer
Weight 90KG 100KG 240KG
Laser Cleaning Gun Weight ≤1.2KG
Operation Handheld/Station Based
Power Supply AC 110v - 240v / 380v 50Hz/60Hz
Work Temperature 0~40℃


Manufacture plant, construction works, machinery repair shops, advertising, energy & mining, building material shops, shipbuilding, auto components, rubber mold, high-end machine manufacturing, tire molde track, environmental protection industry




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