Are you looking to cut 2D and 3D components, profiles, or tubes? 3D Laser cutters are the perfect fit for you. ZG LASER supplies beam sources and components for beam guiding, as well as entire machines and systems with optimally coordinated components, as a pioneer in 3D laser processing. It is easier to get started in the 3D world with comprehensive 3D technical data that is independent of beam source examination.

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Semi-enclosed 5-Axis Laser 3D Cutting Machine

切割机 5

Fully Enclosed 5-Axis Laser 3D Cutting Machine


CO2 5-Axis Laser 3D Cutting Machine


Cantilever architecture provides smooth cutting trajectory

High stiffness and shock absorption to enable smooth and smooth cutting trajectory under high dynamic performance; precise mechanical analysis design of cantilever structure utilizing simulation technologies; Fully enclosed hard optical path to provide a clean and dust-free optical path system; flying optical path technology to ensure that the weight of the processed items has no bearing on processing accuracy or speed.

Control software provides a good interactive experience

By improving the underlying algorithm, we created a CNC system suited for laser cutting with high-speed and non-contact (low load) features based on a mature high-precision CNC system. Real-time control of six axes (XYZACB axis) is feasible with a good human-machine interface CNC system; real-time control of peripheral equipment like as lasers, fixtures, rotary tables, and safety guards is also conceivable; remote monitoring and diagnostics is available.


Five-axis cutting head provides high precision cutting results

The laser cutting head is extremely dynamic and precise, and the streamlined profile design allows for easy access. With non-contact distance detection and automated distance adjustment, the highly responsive follower system guarantees a consistent distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece surface; the safety anti-collision prevention function ensures quick reset following a collision.

Off-line programming software for 3D and 2D programming

Offline programming software with independent copyright, with features such as a common standard graphics library, automatic normal function determination, forced cutting function, overall interpolation function of each axis, path compensation function, workpiece deflation function, workpiece mirroring, rotation function, and linear/arc interpolation mode; 3D and two-dimensional programming can be carried out.


Demonstrator to generate, edit and transfer machining programs directly

The trainer’s manual control allows the operator to generate, edit, and transmit machining programs directly through the trainer; the operator can choose between trainer programming and off-line programming, and the error of automatic programming and the actual workpiece can be modified by the trainer at any time; real-time checking of instructions and program simulation, path anti-collision detection, and alarm are all available; and real-time checking of instructions and program simulation, path anti-collision detection, and alarm are all available.

Process database cloud to store process data and provide optimal processing solutions

A core process database cloud will be formed by new processing processes and a significant quantity of data accumulation, which will be able to supply clients with the best processing process solutions and increase their endless value.



Processing Range 3000 * 1400 * 600mm
Max Operating Speed 100m/min
Maximum Acceleration 10m/s²
Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
Z-axis Travel 650mm
A-axis Rotation Range ± 135°
C-axis Rotation Range n * 360°
Demonstrator Offline / Handmade
Laser Power 1500W - 5000W Optional
Cutting Header 5-axis Laser Cutting Header


Industry Laser Application Solutions


Automotive Thermoformed Parts Solutions

It is intended for large volume cutting of automobile thermoformed parts and can finish laser cutting of all types of automotive thermoformed components with great efficiency.

laser cutting

Sheet metal processing applications

It may shorten the processing cycle, increase cutting speed, increase production efficiency, enhance processing accuracy, speed up product development, increase sheet metal process labor productivity, and promote sheet metal process development.

aircraft Production

Aerospace Applications

Titanium alloy, nickel alloy, chrome alloy, aluminum alloy, beryllium oxide, stainless steel, molybdenum titanate, plastic and composite materials, among others, may reduce the production cycle time of aerospace components to one-tenth of the original.


Shipbuilding Applications

It can address the problem of inconsistent quality of marine steel plate trimming, can be directly welded without further processing, has low thermal deformation, high curve cutting accuracy, minimize matching man-hours, and accomplish barrier-free cutting of high-strength ship plates. Reduce assembly burden, assembly cycle, and material and labor waste.

beautiful shot modern house kitchen 1

Home Appliance Kitchen & Bath Application

It can increase the completed product rate of home appliances and kitchens, shorten the processing cycle, decrease manpower, and give the industry’s most authoritative laser processing solutions.

Construction vehicles

Construction Machinery Applications

Modular industrial design, stable and dependable performance, continuous work for 24 hours, small equipment cut, no thermal deformation, straight section without taper, common edge cutting, low production costs, low consumable consumption, maintenance-free

Industry Laser Applications

Thermoforming 3D cutting 1

Thermoforming 3D cutting

A powerful instrument for processing shaped and curved items, the three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine represents the greatest degree of technology in the field of CNC machine tools at the moment.

3D cutting of high strength steel 1

3D cutting of high-strength steel

Normal strength steel and high strength steel are the two major materials used in vehicle body structures. Steel with a yield strength of 600 MPa (megapascals) is considered high strength, whereas steel with a yield strength of less than 600 MPa is considered normal strength.

To meet the demands of the automobile sector, solve the issues of cutting holes and trimming of high-strength steel hot-formed parts with high precision, high speed, and good dynamic performance, equipped with a high-performance rotary table.

Aluminum 3D cutting 1

Aluminum alloy 3D cutting

The best solution product for processing aluminum alloy frame, car stretching parts, flat pipe and other shaped pipe fittings is a 3D laser cutting machine. The processing process is unaffected by the shape and angle of the workpiece, the cut is flat and smooth without burr, small footprint, simple operation and maintenance, low maintenance costs, is a set of high stability, high precision, high performance and high speed.

It may be programmed for varied products and trajectories utilizing a strong self-developed PLC control system, making the process simple and enabling for flexible workpiece changes. It can effectively solve practical problems such as high mold opening cost, high operation and maintenance cost, long cycle time, and inflexibility by replacing CNC processing and increasing its efficiency by more than three times, saving labor cost and assembly time, with a high yield rate, which is very suitable for new product development and multi-species small and medium-sized production, and effectively solves practical problems such as high mold opening cost, high operation and maintenance cost, long cycle time, and inflexibility.

3D Bevel Cutting

3D Bevel Cutting

To accomplish the right cut size, bevel angle, and sufficient surface quality in a full workpiece cut, the cutting height, kerf compensation, kerf deflection compensation, feed rate, and corner transition must all be changed concurrently and in real time with the change in bevel angle. Traditional cutting, milling, and other multi-procedures to complete the bevel processing in one time, substantially boosting efficiency, assuring quality, and conserving resources, cutting high-quality components, high dimensional accuracy, bevels left root even and consistent, and with good surface quality.

Non-metal 3D Cutting

The system has no fiber optic winding, no obstacle, and no dead angle in optical transmission, allowing for high precision robot operation at high speeds while perfectly meeting production beat demands, primarily for cutting plastic interior trim parts in automobiles and non-metal cutting of plastic parts in home appliances.

3D laser welding

3D laser welding

Complete automated or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, seal welding, and complicated plane linear, circular arc, and arbitrary trajectory welding using computer programming.
Multi-station collaborative operation, with automatic position changer to form a multi-station welding workstation, rotating loading and unloading, higher production efficiency, by modifying the program to adapt to the production of different workpieces, to achieve welding automation of small batch products.

3D laser marking

3D laser marking

Laser 3D printing technology has four lasers scanning simultaneously, making it the world’s most efficient and sizable laser 3D printing machine for high-precision metal parts.

Can address aerospace complicated precision metal parts material structure function integration and weight reduction and other technological difficulties, allowing for high-precision forming of complex metal parts, increased forming efficiency, and a shorter equipment development cycle, among other things.

ehla laser cladding featured

3D laser cladding

Using a high-energy laser beam to form a melt pool on the metal substrate, metal powder delivered to the melt pool through the powder feeding device and powder nozzle or pre-set on the substrate coating melting, rapid solidification, and the substrate to form a metallurgical bond, line by line, layer by layer, according to the computer-aided design (CAD) model of the part.


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