Removal of Oxide and Anodic Oxide Layers

The oxide layer and the anodic oxide layer absorb laser light particularly well and can be evaporated very effectively. The plasma generated during the evaporation process tears off the transparent layer located above the oxide layer on the material, producing an active, completely uncontaminated surface which is immediately and uniformly oxidized again under the influence of oxygen in the atmosphere.
Since the newly generated oxide layer firmly adheres to the base material, the metal surface is optimally prepared for subsequent bonding, welding or coating processes.


  • Processing speed up to 8 cm2/sec
  • Efficient and economical treatment even with low power systems
  • Oxidation-free metal surfaces can be formed
  • Indirect cleaning effect, even with dirt that does not absorb the laser (e.g. release agents for oils or waxes), results in a clean part surface.
  • High-precision deburring of complex two-dimensional geometries and molds
  • No masking or binding of surfaces required
  • High process reliability and repeatability

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