Bonding Pre-Treatment of Metals

Adhesive bonding is one of the most demanding joining techniques in the industry today. In addition to selecting suitable adhesives, cleaning and pre-treatment must also be carefully determined to ensure long-term reproducible and process-reliable bonding.

The surfaces are cleaned in a manner suitable for adhesive bonding by removing the oxide layer. In addition, especially in the Chutian laser processing of light metals (especially aluminum and magnesium), the parameters used in one processing step lead to cleaning and modification of the part surface. This makes achieving extremely high corrosion stability and thus long-term bonding pre-treatment.

The surface roughness can be specially adjusted for high and low viscosity adhesives.

Oxide Removal 1

Adhesive pre-treatment of control units

Safe and corrosion-resistant sealing. Pre-treatment FIPG and CIPG sealed car chargers and control units with the Chutian laser.

The laser beam cleans and modifies the sealing surfaces so that no corrosion penetrates even after 40 days of storage in salt spray and thus, no leakage of the housing occurs. As a result, the electronic components are safely and permanently protected from moisture.

Adhesive pre-treatment of servo motors

Pre-treatment of shafts and laminations in rotor production and bonding magnets using the Chutian laser.

  • For synchronous and asynchronous three-phase motors and servo motors
  • Long-term stable adhesion due to surface modification
  • Improved tearing values
  • Replaces or supplements conventional sandblasting and cleaning processes


  • Optimal conditioning of metal surfaces for the preparation of adhesives
  • Significant increase in corrosion resistance of light metals
  • Age-resistant bonding
  • Dry, media-free pre-treatment method
  • Seamless process monitoring options thanks to optional Chutian laser sensor technology
  • Special optics for special bonding geometries (shareMOTION)
  • Structure design with surface amplification is possible

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