Flaking Layer By Layer

Usually, lasers remove all layers up to the base material. Laser pulses must be directed and controlled when removing selected areas. In doing so, the amount of pulses per spot is decisive. With each pulse, a thin layer is removed. The Chutian Laser can remove selected layer by layer.
Removing a micrometer-thin top coat of lacquer also reactivates an older coating and is therefore suitable for applying top coats or bonding.

laser paint removal from metals


  • Chutian Laser intelligent process monitoring & control can remove coating layers to the precise degree required – no more/no less – when treating layers of uniform thicknesses
  • Top coats can be laser removed to expose base material primers.
  • Uses no media, no dust, no chemicals, no clean-up, residue-free de-coating

Typical Applications

    • Aerospace: Paint-removal while maintaining primer
    • Automobile industry: selected top coat removal for bonding preparation while maintaining corrosion resistance of the primer (e.g., bonding of windscreens)
    • Corrosion resistance and maintenance: Weathered top coatings are removed thoroughly before new paint finish
    • Nuclear decontamination: By removing the upper layers of paint and oxide without the use of abrasives, the radiation density can be reduced significantly, as has been scientifically proven

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