PVD Tools Laser Cleaning

Coatings application via PVD has become increasingly important in modern surface treatment technology. However, in this process, the applied coating adheres to the target surface and gathers on surrounding surfaces, including the tools and fixtures used to hold the part in the reaction chamber.
Over time, excess PVD coating material can lead to unwanted effects such as reduced part tolerances, and poor sealing of the reaction chamber, resulting in increased humidity and longer heating times. The Solution. Use Chutian Laser for laser cleaning.


  • Efficient de-coating of multi-layer coatings
  • No mechanical damage, no damage to welds or sealing surfaces
  • Reduced heating cycle time
  • Green process – no media, no chemicals, no secondary waste, no cleanup
  • Typical cavity cleaning can be done in just a few hours
PVD tool with holes half side laser cleaning

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