Cleaning Of Baking Plates

Chutian Laser offers unique cleaning solutions for baking pans and other “hot” surfaces used in food production. Metal baking pans, molds, and conveyor belts can be cleaned of oil, grease, and deposits quickly and residue-free with our laser technology. Flat and textured baking molds in steel, cast iron, or chrome-plated metals are well suited for laser cleaning.

Imagine being able to clean baking surfaces consistently during normal production processes. Chutian Laser makes this dream come true with systems developed specifically for the baking industry. We offer laser cleaning solutions designed for stable operation in hot ovens with temperatures above 180°C during normal production.

Moving baking pans and other challenging surfaces can be laser treated on the fly and remain permanently clean, increasing equipment uptime and reducing costs.

Typical Applications

  • Cleaning of tapered molds
  • Cleaning of waffle molds
  • Cleaning of product handling components and conveying systems
  • Other challenging baking and food processing applications
Baking industrial

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