ZG-MF(Portable) Handheld Laser Marking Machine

The ZG-MF portable laser marking devices are the most sophisticated laser markers and engravers available today in the market. Designed to leave permanent and readable marks on a wide range of metals and other surfaces. ZG laser marking devices are lightweight and adaptable, allowing you to quickly move from task to job and mark almost any surface with amazing speed and precision.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Series

Exquisite Marking

The minimum marking line width is 0.06mm, and the minimum character height is 0.2mm.
The marking effect is ideal and can achieve fine marking of complex graphics.


Super Fast Marking

High digital lens, up to 7000mm per second.
Significantly higher processing volume in the same time and high efficiency in use.


Chutian Custom Service

Optional Laser:Optional IPG, Raycus, JPT, maximum power up to 200w
Optional Model structure:110mm*110mm~ 500mm*500mm
Optional accessories: CCD, rotating fixture, visual positioning, auto-focus

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Super Stable Operation

No power coupling loss, saving operation cost.
100,000 hours maintenance-free, no consumables.
All-in-one overall design, compact structure, stable performance, easy transportation


Laser Power

The ZG-MF is available with 20W ~100W of output power.   

For high-speed marking, 100W to 200W fiber lasers are available as part of the ZG-MF Series. 

Lens Configuration

Our standard lens provides the best optical configuration for most part marking requirements. The marking field is large, and the marking distance is long enough to reduce dust accumulation on the lens. 

Our advanced lens is used to obtain a laser engraver. This configuration helps the laser create deep engravings into the material to create more durable markings. It can also be used or to texture surfaces. 

Barcode Validation

If you have part traceability needs, our barcode validation system and camera validate marking quality as soon as 2D codes are marked. The camera is delivered preconfigured and only needs to be connected to the controller’s back panel.  

Protective Cover

Installed on the machine basement to protect the human body from laser emission and dust accumulation. This guarantees consistent high-quality results and operators’ safety.

For our complete list of features and options, contact a Chutian Laser expert.


The ZG-MF series offers configurations that are ideal to mark small codes, or when marking time isn’t an issue.  

Nominal Laser Output Power 20W~200W
Nominal Pulse Repetition Rate 10 kHz, 20kHz
Power Consumption 240W, 250W
Laser Type Solid-state ytterbium-doped fiber
Supply Voltage 24 VDC
Pulse Energy Up to 1 mJ
Pulse Width 100 ns for 3 m fiber cable, 125 ns for 5 m fiber cable
Wavelength 1064 nm
Beam Quality <2
Laser Safety Class Class 4,Class 1
Cooling Air Cooling
Fiber Cable Length 3m, 5m
Fiber Cable Minimum Bending Radius Static: 80 mm Dynamic: 150 mm
Laser Source MTBF 100,000 hours
Barcode validation (optional) Cognex or others
HMI Software Web based, Allen-Bradley, Siemens
I/O Terminal Block I/O, Encoder Signal
Communications Ethernet/IP, RS - 232, USB
Weight EM-Smart: 10 kg / Desktop type: 30 kg / Standard type: 120 kg
Environmental Conditions 1 Temperature: 10 °C to 35 °C, Humidity: 10% to 90% (without condensation)
Approvals CE,FDA


Max Scanning Speed 8 m/s 8 m/s
Nominal Spot Size 30 µm 50 µm
Nominal Marking Field Size 110 x 110 mm 175 x 175 mm
Depth of Focus 1 mm 2 mm


The ZG-MF is a fiber laser marking systems that creates permanent marks on all types of metals, rubber and plastics. It can be used for all types of identifiers, such as serial numbers, data matrix codes, QR codes and logos. 

60w Fiber Laser Punching

Laser marking machine is very advantageous in the processing of thinner material micro-hole, laser punching speed, high efficiency, good economic efficiency, wide application areas, can be in the textile fabrics, leather products, paper products, metal products, plastic products on the processing operation of punching holes.

Color Laser Marking

Under the action of high quality laser beam, the laser thermal effect is produced on the surface of stainless steel, making the laser energy proportional to the density of the film, with the increment of laser energy, the color sequence of the stainless steel surface will change, through the laser energy adjustment can achieve color marking.

White Plastic Laser Marking to Black

Laser marking technology has a wide range of applications in the electronic 3C industry, such as cell phone cases, headphone cases, charging heads, rechargeable batteries, etc. The depth of the marking color is determined by the power and the amount of defocusing. It is common to have white marking on black plastic, or black marking on white plastic. The typed fonts and patterns have no handfeel and clear handwriting.

Marking of Ferrous Metals to Black

Chutian laser marking machine electro-optical conversion rate is high, compact size, good beam quality, the use of pulse width adjustable mode, high can adjust the frequency to 400Khz, you can directly hit the metal black effect. Set the marking parameters can also achieve the material surface white, beige, black and other colors of laser marking.


Laser technology has never been so accessible. With remote support functionalities embedded in our controller, you can get quick technical support wherever you are. If you activate a remote gateway, our laser experts and engineers can take full control of the laser to better support you. 


ZG-MF20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Designed for batch marking, the ZG-MF20 series is an ergonomic laser marking workstation that allows you to select and pay only for the features you need. Operated manually by default, the workstation can also be automated and motorized.


ZG-MF (Portable) Desktop Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser that can reach 100,000 hours of service life and easy to maintain. No need to worry about its working condition.Portable operation, compatible with PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, and easy to get started.


EM-SMART one portable laser marking machine

The ultra-portable laser marking machine that you can take with you in your automobile. You may take it anywhere and use it to laser-mark your thoughts at any moment. Simply display it at exhibitions, business promotions, and events.

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