Industrial Printing Machines Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning of cylinders and ink rollers of industrial printing machines
Cleaning with a laser is more effective for printing rollers than conventional methods.

Cleaning laser technology is a safe, clean and reliable process. With conventional cleaning methods, only up to 70% of the original web surface can be re-exposed, whereas, with proper laser technology, 99% of the original web surface can be achieved.

Industrial pressure cups and ink reservoirs are completely cleaned and free of residue. The achievable constant print quality is improved, and the ink absorption capacity of the rollers is increased.

The roller surface is neither structured nor roughened nor exposed to thermal stresses and possible cracks, which can occur with conventional sandblasting processes. Even if the rollers are repeatedly cleaned, no damage will occur.

Print Cylinders
laser cleaning in industrial printing machine 1


  • The Chutian Laser cleaning machine can be used immediately without long setup and waiting times.
  • It cleans a roller with a length of 1 m and a diameter of 20 cm, typically in about 20 minutes.
  • The time between cleanings can be more than doubled.

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