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laser coating removal

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Traditional coating removal techniques, such as sandblasting, can be tedious and harmful to the materials involved. Laser cleaning, however, can safely remove coatings without causing damage to the substrate. In addition, when the laser cleaning process is complete, no additional cleaning or baking process is required – the cleaned surface is ready for the next step.

How Laser Coating Removal Works

Our laser coating removal solutions remove paint and other harmful coatings from targeted areas of vehicles and components. We use low, medium, or high power technology to clean equipment and vehicles that require small localized areas for retrofitting corrosion control or other subsequent tasks.

Whether the area is a few inches or a few feet, our precision laser cleaning solutions work well on unique geometries and three-dimensional shapes – and the cleaning and cleanup are done in one step with a handheld optical instrument. The coating is removed to bare metal through a laser ablation process without affecting or damaging the substrate.

From aerospace to automotive manufacturing, for years, we have provided companies with the means and resources to properly clean their products without fear of disrupting their teams, production, or the environment. By properly removing coatings, we prepare your product for the next step – bonding, cleaning, treating, or painting.

Benefits of Laser Coating Removal

There are several benefits to using our laser technology to clean vehicles and parts. The most common include.

  • Does not reduce equipment life cycle and fatigue life
  • Unparalleled cleaning quality
  • Save time over abrasives, chemicals, and media blasting
  • Improved worker safety and comfort
  • Reduced costs
  • Environmentally friendly

Effective Removal of Hazardous Coating

Cleaning coatings using hazardous materials such as lead or asbestos can be complicated. Given the hazardous nature of these coatings, cleanup requires a very high level of protective measures and equipment removal.

Laser cleaning offers a safe and efficient way to remove hazardous coatings from targeted areas of your facility – without resorting to time-consuming environmental protection or PPE processes. Chutian Laser’s cleaning solutions use integrated fume extraction devices and are proven to eliminate.

  • Sophisticated enclosures/shields to control hazardous dust
  • Cleaning of sandblasting and debris
  • Disposal of mixed hazardous waste

Deposited Coating Removal

Laser cleaning is the most effective, safe, and environmentally friendly method of removing PVD, CVD, and MOCVD coatings from chambers and components. As coating processes become more common in all industries, Chutian Laser has demonstrated that solutions exist for these common and uncommon coatings that need to be cleaned. During the removal process, the cleaning process will capture all of the coatings to keep the air pure – meaning no additional danger to your operators.

While blasting is often a process that is both cumbersome and dangerous to parts and chambers, laser cleaning can safely remove coatings from metallic and non-metallic substrates without causing damage. While our handheld and automated laser cleaning solutions can effectively remove coatings, our team of experts will help you decide which laser is best for your application.

Industrial Coating Removal

Removing industrial coatings can be a difficult and dangerous for the operator and the environment. That’s why choosing the right cleaning technique for your operation is important. Our laser cleaning technology will help you safely and effectively remove coatings for part modification, corrosion control, non-destructive testing, and more.

Even a small gap in a process can snowball into a huge gap in your output for manufacturing and other businesses where efficiency is key. As a result, cleaning techniques that require extensive setup and teardown can pose real problems. Laser cleaning has fewer operational challenges than sandblasting or chemical stripping and is safer and more environmentally friendly. Our lasers can even be automated for industrial coating removal applications to perform periodic cleaning in your current process.

In addition to increased efficiency, removing coatings with laser ablation cannot harm any substrate layers. This means your product will last longer than other methods – saving you money and ensuring a lifetime of optimal performance.

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